I think we can all agree, this is a strange time we live in, with celebrations being mostly cancelled or cut down to a very small group of people. How does one celebrate now? Whether or not you are celebrating a new baby, birthday or graduation we can help you celebrate while still following covid guidelines.
At Let’s Plan A Party, we have had to quickly pivot and begin offering amazing outdoor decor, celebration signs and activities for yards and at-home parties. You may have noticed fun and colorful balloons in your neighbors yard, and or the GIANT Yard party cards. We call this fun and vibrant decor “Yard Art”. Children of all ages faces literally light up when they see the colorful balloons in their front yards, made especially for them. All of our balloons and signs can be customized to your theme and budget.

This little girl was beyond excited to see her fun Yard party sign and Party Pole.

You can also brighten someone’s day by simply sending them a “Thinking of you” party pole. These are really great for nursing homes, where we place them right outside the resident’s windows. Right now we have a nation wide #adoptagrandparent campaign that has been getting an amazing response. Please go to our website to support one of our local assisted living facilities. We want to make sure every facility has been fully adopted.

Below are a few more examples of our fun Yard Art and how YOU can continue to celebrate through Covid-19. Life has not stopped! Continue celebrating and showing your love and appreciation to all of your special someone with Yard Art Balloon Decorations and the most fun customized party signs. We can help!

Art Balloon Decorations and party signs. We can help!

Pre K graduation balloon and sign

Class of 2020 graduation yard poles and banner